Launch Event Agenda

09:30 Registration, Coffee and Biscuits
10:00  Opening Remarks: John Collier/Mark Thomson
10:10  Science: Chair Ian Walmsley (7 x 15 minute slots)  
Life sciences – Allen Orville, Diamond Light Source
Chemistry – Julia Weinstein, University of Sheffield
Physics – Amelle Zair, King’s College London
Condensed Matter – Marcus Newton, University of Southampton
HED / MEC – Emma McBride, Queens University Belfast
Industry perspective – Dave Dye, Imperial College London
A next generation light source capability – Jon Marangos, Imperial College London
11:55 Discussion about the science and required capabilities
12:25Lunch Break  
13:05 Project context: Chair Massimo Altarelli
UK XFEL conceptual design process: Jim Clarke and David Dunning, STFC  
End stations and Instruments: Adrian Mancuso and James Green  
Future Developments at European XFEL: Robert Feidenhansl Eu-XFEL
Future Developments at LCLS – Mike Dunne, SLAC  
14:55 Tea Break
15:10  Emerging Technology: Chair Jim Clarke (4 x 20 minutes slots)
Attosecond XFEL sources – Ago Marinelli, SLAC
Seeding of FELs – Claudio Masciovecchio, Elettra ST
XFELO – Patrick Rauer, DESY
New polarisation and orbital angular momentum modes – Brian McNeil, Strathclyde University  
16:30Discussion about future XFEL capabilities
17:00hrsClose – all depart