UK XFEL: Fundamental Physics, AI and Quantum

At 5 am on Wednesday the 17th of January, I set off to Plymouth University to run our latest event focusing on Fundamental Physics, AI and Quantum. I was joined on this intrepid journey by other members of the design team: Dave Dunning, Alan Mak, Storm Mathisen and Jim Clarke, who, I’m sure, were just as happy about the early start as I was. Each of our events has a science theme, which help provide structure to the talks. Our first two meetings where themed, ‘Frontiers of Measurement’ (opens in new tab) and ‘Materials, Chemistry and Biology at Extreme Conditions’, hosted by Queens University and the University of Strathclyde respectively. This event was themed around Fundamental Physics, AI and Quantum, with a keynote speech give on Quantum Strategy by Prof. Sir. Peter Knight.

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UK XFEL: Frontiers of Measurements

Amidst the backdrop of summer thunderstorms, scientists, engineers and staff from local companies headed to Queen’s University Belfast to take part in our first UK XFEL townhall event to discuss the possibilities which could be opened up by providing the UK direct access to a next generation X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL). Discussions were focussed on the frontiers of measurement techniques, exploring possibilities around nanoscale imaging, ultrafast X-ray scattering, hard x-ray transient grating measurements, coherent control with X-ray radiation and dynamics of matter and fields.  

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