Launch Event Talks

Opening Comments

John Colliers opening remarks

Life Sciences

Allen Orville, Dimond Light Source, UK


Julia Weinstein, University of Sheffield


Amelle Zair, Kings College London

Extreme Conditions

Emma McBride, Queen’s University, Belfast

Industry perspective 

David Dye, Imperial College London

A next generation light source

Jon Marangos, Imperial College London

Science Discusion Panel

Q&A session with the speakers

Conceptual design process

David Dunning, Jim Clarke, STFC

End Stations & Instruments

Adrian Mancuso and James Green

Development at European XFEL

Robert Feidenhansl, Eu-XFEL

Developments at LCLS

Mike Dunne, SLAC

Attosecond XFEL sources

Ago Marinelli, SLAC

Seeding of FELs

Claudio Masciovecchio, Elettra ST

Condensed Matter

Marcus Newton, University of Southampton

New polarisation and orbital angular momentum modes

Brian McNeil, Strathclyde University